Could Seal Coating Improve Your Blacktop?

We provide asphalt coating to Lutherville, MD

If your asphalt is starting to fade to gray, consider applying seal coating. Seal coating is the process of applying a black spray coating to aging asphalt. The coating fills in cracks and returns the surface to its original dark shade.

Brooks Contracting Asphalt Paving uses Seal Master seal coating on all of our asphalt coating projects. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Should you use seal coating?

Should you use seal coating?

Are you wondering if asphalt seal coating is right for you? Advantages of seal coating include:

  • Appearance: Make your fading asphalt driveway look new again.
  • Safety: Filling in cracks in asphalt can prevent further damage.
  • Savings: Seal coating is a less expensive alternative to replacing asphalt.
  • Warranty plans: We offer warranties for our seal coating work.

Most asphalt coatings last for about two years before they need an additional touchup. If you want to refresh your driveway, call our Lutherville, MD location today for a free estimate.